METCAD 9-1-1 is the primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) serving Champaign County, Illinois.  We hope that the information provided here is informative and useful.  Please let us know if we can answer any additional questions you may have. 


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2023 Telecommunicator of the Year
The METCAD Telecommunicator of the Year for 2023 is awarded to Chelsea Dertz.

Chelsea has been a METCAD telecommunicator since August 2021, continuing her public safety dispatch career which she started in Kankakee County in 2017. Her well-rounded background was instrumental in her success during the training program as she was able to see the whole public safety picture and even assist others, largely due to her previous dispatch experience. She came to METCAD at a time when a new dispatch software system had been implemented, and luckily for us she had used that same system at her previous center. She was a great resource to her co-workers during that first year as we worked through the learning curve, and she continues to help those that struggle with certain issues on the software.

Chelsea is always very professional, both on the phone and the radio. She addresses the callers’ concerns with empathy and respect while remaining focused on getting the information necessary for the first responders. She is skilled at not being pulled into the callers’ emotional state and keeps them cooperative and answering questions to help ensure responder safety. She also maintains that same professional demeanor in the console room with her co-workers which goes a long way to a harmonious work environment. She handles her work independently and makes it look easy; and still jumps in to help others when they get busy. Chelsea makes herself available for overtime slots whenever she’s needed, and she frequently will take assignments to help her co-workers.

Most recently Chelsea has stepped up to be a mentor to the newly hired TC staff. She uses this platform to be supportive and encouraging to new employees and to be an empathetic ear for them when needed. We appreciate Chelsea’s dedication and positive attitude that she brings to the organization daily.

Congratulations Chelsea!
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