Champaign County Addressing

Do you need to obtain a valid 9-1-1 address so you can obtain telephone service or utility hookup?  Addresses are typically assigned at the time a construction permit is issued.  However, in some cases, addresses can be assigned to locations where a building does not exist.  Examples include billboards, power sub stations, etc.

Un-incorporated areas of Champaign County (rural areas outside of a city or village):

New address assignments (such as new construction) are handled by the Champaign County Planning and Zoning Department.

Contact: Lori Busboom

Phone: 217/384-3708


Inquires regarding established addresses can be directed to the Champaign County GIS Consortium.

Contact: Nicole Darby

Phone: 217/819-4061


City of Champaign:

The City of Champaign assigns addresses within the City Limits.

Contact: Brandon Haist - Engineer Technician

Phone: 217/403-4700


City of Urbana:

The City of Urbana assigns addresses within the City Limits.

Contact: Dan  Rothermel - Land Surveyor

Phone: 217/384-2390


Inside incorporated villages, please contact the village administration regarding assignment of addresses.

In most cases, once the address is assigned, the responsible jurisdiction assigning the address will notify the property owner of the new address and/or parcel number(s) involved and effective date of the assignment. They will also copy other entities to notify them of  the new address including (but not limited to):

· Utilities (Power, water, phone, cable, etc.)

· Ambulance Services

· Fire Departments

· Champaign County Offices (Clerk,  Assessments, etc.)

· Area police departments/Sheriff

· Township Assessors

· C-U Mass Transit District

· METCAD 9-1-1

· Community Development or planning departments

· US Postal Service

Address tools:

The Champaign County GIS Consortium provides Interactive Maps which can help you in determining address and related information for an existing property.  Searches can be accomplished by a number of different methods including PIN number and address.  You can find this tool HERE.